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Cautions in the Use of Magnetic Switches

Cautions in the Use of Magnetic Switches

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Notice that when using two-wire magnetic switch, the load must be connected in series before it can be used, otherwise the magnetic switch will be burned down due to excessive current.

Second, when using (DC) DC power supply, Brown should be connected to high potential (+), blue wire to low potential (-), otherwise the indicator will not be on. If the wiring is not the case mentioned above, the magnetic switch will not be damaged. As long as the two wiring are aligned, the indicator lamp can be normally indicated.

Third, when using two-wire contactless magnetic switch, it is necessary to use DC power supply, and pay attention to the wiring mode. Brown wire should be connected at high potential (+), blue wire at low potential (-). If the brown and blue wires are misconnected, the magnetic switch may be damaged.

Fourth, when using three-wire contactless magnetic switch, it is necessary to use (DC) DC power supply, and please pay attention to NPN or PNP wiring mode. Brown wires are connected at high potential (+), blue wires are connected at low potential (-), and black wires are connected to the load in series. If the three lines of brown, blue and black are misconnected, the magnetic switch may be damaged.

When using load as inductive load (such as relay and solenoid valve), please connect the protective elements at the load side in parallel, so as to prolong the life of magnetic switch. If connected to (DC) DC inductance load, please connect a bipolar body to the load and pay attention to the polar direction of the bipolar body. Misconnection may cause damage to the magnetic switch. If connected to (AC) AC inductive load, please connect an R-C circuit to the load.

6. When using magnetic switches, they should be as far away from the strong magnetic field or the surroundings with magnetic conducting metals as possible to avoid interference.

When the load is a capacitive load or the length of the wire is more than 10 meters, please connect an inductor (560-1000 mH) in series. The inductor is as close as possible to the magnetic switch, so as to ensure the normal operation of the magnetic switch.
Notice that when using two-wire magnetic switch, the load must be connected in series before it can be used, otherwise the magnetic switch will be burned down due to excessive current.
Second, when using (DC) DC power supply, Brown should be connected to high potential (+), blue wire to low potential (-), otherwise the indicator will not be on. If the wiring is not the case mentioned above, the magnetic switch will not be damaged. As long as the two wiring are aligned, the indicator lamp can be normally indicated.
Third, when using two-wire contactless magnetic switch, it is necessary to use DC power supply, and pay attention to the wiring mode. Brown wire should be connected at high potential (+), blue wire at low potential (-). If the brown and blue wires are misconnected, the magnetic switch may be damaged.
Fourth, when using three-wire contactless magnetic switch, it is necessary to use (DC) DC power supply, and please pay attention to NPN or PNP wiring mode. Brown wires are connected at high potential (+), blue wires are connected at low potential (-), and black wires are connected to the load in series. If the three lines of brown, blue and black are misconnected, the magnetic switch may be damaged.
When using load as inductive load (such as relay and solenoid valve), please connect the protective elements at the load side in parallel, so as to prolong the life of magnetic switch. If connected to (DC) DC inductance load, please connect a bipolar body to the load and pay attention to the polar direction of the bipolar body. Misconnection may cause damage to the magnetic switch. If connected to (AC) AC inductive load, please connect an R-C circuit to the load.
6. When using magnetic switches, they should be as far away from the strong magnetic field or the surroundings with magnetic conducting metals as possible to avoid interference.
When the load is a capacitive load or the length of the wire is more than 10 meters, please connect an inductor (560-1000 mH) in series. The inductor is as close as possible to the magnetic switch, so as to ensure the normal operation of the magnetic switch.