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Vulcanizer integrated thermal valve block

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Product description
The vulcanizer thermal valve group is the core component of the vulcanizer. The three elements (pressure, temperature, time) in the tire vulcanization process are controlled by the thermal valve group. At present, the traditional thermal valve group connects the single-piece shut-off valve through the flange + carbon steel pipe to realize the control of the vulcanization medium. The traditional mode has the disadvantages of large piping system, many leakage points, poor valve circulation capacity, difficulty in heat preservation of pipelines, and time-consuming maintenance, which cannot be matched with efficient, energy-saving and stable production requirements.
The new type of vulcanizer integrated thermal valve group developed by our company is an innovative vulcanization medium control functional valve group. The plug-in structure is adopted in the design, and the switch (regulation) function of the valve to the fluid medium is designed on the valve. Inside the block, the valve block has both the function of the process flow and the function of the valve body. The valve is a pneumatic actuator outside the valve block that controls the valve's switching (adjustment).
The valve group has the advantages of high integration degree and strong circulation design capability; the medium flow path is short, the heat preservation effect is good, and the operation energy-saving advantage; the space occupation rate is low, the maintenance and maintenance is convenient, and the maintenance and convenience are convenient. The application of the valve group can not only improve the stability and high efficiency of equipment operation, but also adapt to the current state of energy conservation and emission reduction, which is very practical and selective.
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